Scope of Work

With the guideline “Customer is the centre of all activities”, products that reach customers are not only uniform clothes, but also an appreciation for the wearer, spreading the spirit of solidarity with the team and pride when accompanying the organization on the path of development.

We valued DEDICATION FROM THE HEART AND METICULOUSNESS TO EVERY DETAIL, focusing on providing customer service with a comprehensive experience.

  • Each product is Made-to-measure directly according to the measurements of each person or by size, according to the specific needs of each individual and persionalized meticulously to each needle point.
  • Exquisite in every detail with meticulous cutting, accurate thread technique, harmonious color scheme between the main background and other details of the uniform, the logo is embroidered sharply and delicately.
  • Finished products are professionally packaged:

Dress shirts are ironed, packaged with the identity of the business with detailed instructions for each fabric requested by the customer.

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